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Posted by Jamie Connor on

This pet subscription box is unlike anything you've seen out there. It is customized to your dog specifically. Each month you will get a surprise item that features your pet's portrait hand-painted, printed, named, etched, ect. 

The first month will be a sweatshirt with your pet's face hand painted on it. I can't tell you how many people love their pets more than people and what better way to showcase the love of your pet than with a special photo of your pet that you can look at everywhere you go? 

You must have facebook at this time to participate in the monthly pet portrait gift box. Facebook is not affiliated with this  sub box in any way, however it is needed for this. 

Stay tuned here, Aug 15th 2022 for the doors opening of the box. The first month's box that will go out will be the end of the month of Sept so I can delicately hand-paint all your sweatshirts. This box will be so fun. Sign up on the pop-up email form to stay in tuned. 

P.S. I might be limiting the number of subscriptions that I will release on Aug 15th so be the first to know about it!