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3/4 Inch Angle Paint Brush

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I love an angled brush. This 3/4 inch angle brush is perfect for all your door hanger, porch leaner and artistic needs that require you to get into a tight spot. This brush holds the perfect amount of paint to finish the job. Try this angle brush out. 

  • Short Wood Handles 5"-6" - Lacquered, glued, crimping to brush ferrules for no loose connections. 
  • Multi Media - Good for most paint media: Acrylic-Watercolor-Oils-Tempura.
  • Group Fun - Great for kids-student-senior painting groups.
  • Synthetic - Good quality filament holds paint and is durable.
  • Snap and Spring -  Decent control with good color holding capacity.
  • Brush Length - Total brush length around 7" to 8.5"

Order plain brushes or glittery brushes that are resin turned nice and smooth, Pick your glitter color. 

Glitter Brushes take about a week to make.