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Keepsake Pet Portrait for the Larger Than Life Pet 16x20

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Does your dog or cat think he's the bees knees? This larger than life 16x20 pet portrait of themselves will have them tell all their dog or cat friends that their parents love them more! After ordering, send me a photo of the pet you want painted. 

Does not exceed 16x20 inches. Each canvas is hand painted by myself and made to order. There is never any 2 alike canvases that I produce. They are all special to you and your fur friend. 

If you are interested in bigger or smaller sized canvas, check the other listings. If I don't have it, message me and I will create a listing for you. Please ask any questions you may have about a custom pet portrait. If you would like to see more of these, check them out on my instagram @petportraitgiftshop


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