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Medium Gold leaf pets Pet Portrait - Pet Painting - Gold Foil - New Animal 4x6

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Custom medium 4.5x6.5 colorful cardstock with a feminine or masculine background (tell me in your order which you'd prefer) featuring your furry friend (or scales, or feathery) front and center.. Send a photo of your pet, and I will turn it into a custom work of art you can take to work with you and put on your desk, or keep in your home to cherish always. Each portrait is hand painted by myself and made to order. They make great desk decor gifts for that college student or spouse that just got that sweet new job or house. Are you wanting to get something special for your loved one, but you don't want to just get something at Target? Try this. It will mean more to that certain someone, if you get something specially made just for them. #goldleafpets Check my other listings for the framed option on these minis! Please ask any questions you may have about a custom pet portrait. Follow instagram #petportraitgiftshop for more pictures.